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Challenges & Solutions

California has always been a place for big plans, but somewhere along the way we settled for small changes in Sacramento. Rising homelessness, accelerating climate change, and skyrocketing costs of living are immense challenges that affect every Californian, and they are problems that require us to come together and find real solutions.

I’m running for State Assembly because I know that California is capable of solving tough problems, and I believe I have the experience as a business owner, State Board President, and former Mayor and Councilmember to help us achieve our goals and deliver results for our communities.

— John

Reducing Homelessness

Southern California has experienced a wave of homelessness that has deep social and economic consequences. John Harabedian believes that we need to act quickly to expand mental health services and build needed housing. John will work to:

Declare a State of Emergency

California needs to address homelessness like the emergency that it is and devote all necessary resources to managing the crisis expeditiously and efficiently. Federal, state, and local government must work together to transition our homeless population off our streets and into the respective care they deserve.

Build Affordable Housing

The rising costs of housing and the lack of affordable housing is a major cause of the homelessness crisis. John knows we need to increase the number of shelter beds available locally and encourage the construction of more affordable and market rate housing throughout the state. In the Assembly, he’ll also work to expand supportive programs for housing insecure families who are in danger of slipping into homelessness.

Invest in Mental Healthcare Invest in Mental Healthcare

California’s mental healthcare system is woefully inadequate–those suffering from severe mental illness often end up living outside, occasionally passing through jail and emergency rooms. John will work to make needed investments in mental healthcare infrastructure and supportive housing to ensure we get and keep people off the streets. These investments save taxpayer dollars by reducing demand on police officers, paramedics, and hospitals.

Combating Climate Change

John is the only candidate endorsed by California Environmental Voters, California’s leading advocacy organization for environmental protection, because he has a proven track record of prioritizing clean energy, air, and water, and delivering results for the San Gabriel Valley, including the Solar Power Project he spearheaded as Mayor of Sierra Madre. As our State Assemblymember, John will advocate to:

Fund renewable energy programs to reduce carbon emissions.
Incentivize electric vehicle production and build charging infrastructure.
Safeguard air quality for all of our communities.
Protect open space and open new state and county parks.
Ensure clean water for every family and build adequate water storage.
Ban the production of harmful chemicals near schools and neighborhoods.
Invest in transportation infrastructure to reduce traffic and air pollution.

Defending our Democracy

American democracy is under assault from all sides: while Donald Trump and his followers undermine the integrity of our electoral process and shatter our democratic norms, foreign countries are interfering in our elections from abroad. At the same time, voters are losing faith in our government because special interests have an outsized influence by spending unlimited money in our elections. John believes that California can lead the country with landmark reforms.

Getting Money Out of Politics

John will advocate for bold reforms to end corruption and the appearance of corruption in government. John will fight to end Citizens United and Super PACs and for stronger conflict-of-interest rules for lawmakers and election reporting laws to force dark money groups to disclose their funding sources.

Strengthening Voting Rights

John supports efforts to make voting easier and more accessible, and will oppose any effort to restrict the right of Californians to access their ballot.

Protecting our Elections

John will help ensure our Secretary of State, local registrars of voters, and city clerks have the funds, tools, and support they need to defend against cyber-attacks from domestic and foreign sources.

Protecting Reproductive Rights

The United States Supreme Court has reversed 50 years of precedent and policy by ending federal protection for abortion rights. John strongly opposes any effort to limit the reproductive freedom of any person, and will work to defend the right to access birth control and abortion healthcare.

Preventing Gun Violence

Trump-appointed judges are overturning commonsense gun safety laws across the country. John believes that California should use all of the resources at its disposal to craft a strong, resilient, and comprehensive set of gun safety regulations. As a former prosecutor, John strongly supports red-flag laws, universal background checks, ammunition regulation, the assault weapons ban, gun insurance requirements, and training and storage regulations.

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